So what has ReACH got to offer you, as a Resident of Charlton Hayes? Well, ReACH is your voice, wherever you live in the area.
      It will reflect your way of life, your opinions and your aspirations. No matter whether you are in a social housing flat, or a private detached house. ReACH is for everybody.
     Why are we so concerned about Residents' concerns? Because we are looking to transform this growing modern residential housing development into an award-winning Community.
     One, where Residents like where they live and want to succeed for themselves, their families and their friends.
     Then, as a Community, they can reach out to their neighbours and others wherever they live, to forge a bond that will enrich everyone's lives.
     So, if you have any issues to do with roads, rubbish, schools or even play areas, contact us now and ReACH can take any problems direct to the partner concerned to get things done.
For you. For the Community.

One Charlton Hayes. One Community.